• Goals - My personal goal in life is to bring glory to God in everything I do!  My ministry and professional goal is to bring major label recording quality to Christians, their bands and ministries at an affordable price.  If you feel called to make music for God, I want to help facilitate your ministry.

  • Credits - Warner Bros. artist: MuteMath , Newsboys , Paul Colman Trio , Tree 63 , Via Linota , The Band Apollo , Patrick Skelton , Gabriel Wilson , The Beautiful Refrain , Splendor Field , Epic Season , Skeeterz , Ty Brown , Auna Mae , Lauren Lehman , Planet Ink , Falling Up , Aaron Crider , Article One , Sonic Flood , Misty Armour , The Listening , Lainey Wright , Brenton Brown , The Band Perry , Scott Brownson , Leeland Nelson , Club of the Sons , Michael Alvarado , Knapsack Heroes , Robbie Seay Band , Gentlemen at Arms , Grant Norsworthy , Kevin Max , Britt Nicole , Ryan Johns , Hayley Masters ,   and more...

  • History: - Music for me, began with singing in choirs in elementary school and growing up trying to sing bass beside my dad in church.  By 8th grade, I was running sound for my school plays.  9th grade caught me reading mackie manuals and researching and buying a sound system for my church.  With 10th grade came playing the guitar, soldering patchbays, running sound for theatre shows, recording on my uncles 4-track, and beginning to purchase studio gear.  11th grade, well ya get the point....  I have been in love with music and audio since I can remember.  By the time I graduated high school, I had a lot of experience with live sound and recording artists.  In 2003, I acquired a Bachelor of Music degree, with an Emphasis in Recording Technology at Lebanon Valley College.  After college, I wound up on the craziest adventure of my life.  I lived in Ukraine for a year, working in a studio and training a Ukrainian engineer that spoke very little English.  As strange as this may seem, my first Nashville contacts where made while in Ukraine. 

    By Jan 2005, I was living in Nashville working at a label and studio full-time.  In 2006, I began working for Producer Tedd T.   I served as his full-time engineer as well as handling renting of his studio. Most notably, we worked with MuteMath and the Newsboys as well as other label and independant artists.  With MuteMath, I engineered on their first 2 LP's: MUTEMATH and Armistace, the Spotlight EP and songs for the Twilight movie and Transformers movie.  With the Newsboys, I worked on their LP "Go" as well as the live LP "Houston We are Go."  In 2009, I started working independently calling my studio Tone Grown. I worked with artists directly as well as engineering for John DeNosky, Blake Easter, Paul Colman and other producers.  In 2010, I worked with Via Linota, co-producing his album that used only analog instruments.  This was a very fun and creative project that included multiple pump organs, a 9' Steinway, cp70, Rhodes, Pianet-T, Harmonium and many stringed instruments!  In 2011, I worked with Brian Crabb to release a 9/11 10th anniversary memorial CD set with Rock, Pop, and Country artists.

    Near the End of 2011, I felt God wanted me to move to the Pocono Mountains in PA to marry the woman of my dreams!  After 6 years in Nashville, God had shown me that I should no longer be trying to get to the top of my industry to achieve fame and fortune.  Instead, I believe God wants my engineering to be a ministry, serving other artist as they fullfill their callings.  My desire is to deliver major label recording quality to Christians at an affordable price. Currently, I have my own mixing and overdub studio in the Pocono Mountains.  I am happily married and seeking God's direction in my life.  I am attending Innovation Church and serve on the worship team playing electric guitar.